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一、What is NVMe?

  1、NVMe is a standard interface protocol for PCIe.

  2、All kinds of restrictions imposed by the old standards on SSD have been lifted.

  3、Support for all common operating systems

  4、Good extensibility

  5、It has the advantages of low latency, low energy consumption, high performance, and so on.

  The traditional AHCI protocol has strong compatibility, but when used with SSD connected through the PCIe bus, it cannot provide the best performance. On the other hand, the planning of NVMe makes full use of the low latency and parallelism of PCIe SSD and takes into account the processor and platform architecture to maximize the performance of SSD.

  二、The Development History of NVMe

  The NVMe1.0 standard was launched in March 2011 and was jointly developed by NVMe specification organization member companies (such as Intel, Dell, Samsung, Micron, etc.). Version 1.1 was launched in October 2012. After the release of version 1.2 in November 2014, nearly three years later, in May 2017, the NVMe specification organization officially released the latest version of the NVMe 1.3 specification standard. New features such as device self-test, boot partition, virtualization, host control and heat dissipation management have been added to the latest 1.3. theoretically, the performance of SSD can be greatly improved.

  At present, the mainstream NVMe hard drives on the market adopt the 1.2 version of the specification standard.

  The simply saying about NVMe:

  First: NVMe is an interface protocol, not an interface, the so-called protocol is a certain rule, such as different roads in life, can be regarded as different interfaces, if a highway runs according to the rules of the highway, then even the same road will be much faster than the ordinary highway that pedestrians, bicycles, and cars can take.

  Second: the NVMe standard is for PCI-E solid-state drives, how to understand this? we know that the processor of a computer is the core computing unit, and all program instructions are processed by the processor. PCI-E is equivalent to a green channel that directly deals with the processor, so the PCI-E solid-state disk is actually a solid-state disk that can deal directly with the processor, which means that the speed can be faster.

  Third: in addition to the characteristics of the green channel on the highway, the NVMe also has an ultra-wide lane, which means that you can run more data on it at the same time, not only faster but also more goods.

  Fourth: Another important feature is that its power consumption is very low. Low power consumption here does not mean fuel saving, but energy consumption control brought about by comprehensive management capabilities. As it runs very fast above, once there is no data, immediately let the staff into a state of rest, no data for a long time, immediately have a holiday.

For tablets and notebooks, it can significantly improve the battery life of the battery.

  Through the above introduction of NVMe, we all know what is NVMe, and what characteristics it has! I hope the sharing of this article will be helpful to all of you.

What are the features of NVMe?

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