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U disk of the biggest advantages are: compact easy to carry, storage capacity, cheap, reliable performance. Flash drives are small, only a thumb-sized, lightweight, generally about 15 grams, especially for portable, we can hang it on the chest, hanging on a keychain, or even into the wallet. General U disk capacity have 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, etc., the price of 4GB, for example the most common, 50 yuan can buy. Save in any mechanical device, strong seismic performance. In addition, the flash drive also has a moisture-magnetic, high temperature resistance and other features, good security and reliability.

* Flash drive will not allow water or dust almost infiltration, it will not be scratched, and these in the old portable storage devices (eg CD-ROM, floppy disk), etc. is a serious problem. The flash drive uses solid-state storage design so that they can resist the external impact inadvertently. These advantages make the flash drive is perfect for personal data from one place to work or carry to another file, such as from home to school or office, or in general need to carry and access personal data to a variety of locations . Because USB in today's personal computers, almost everywhere, so everywhere can use the flash drive. However, the small size of the flash drive also allows them to often misplaced, forgotten or lost.

* Flash drive may be small, but relatively speaking there is a huge storage capacity. Most commercially available flash drives currently can store more than one CD (700MB) more than the data can be stored more than a high-sided double-layer DVD (17GB) more than the data.

* Flash drive using the USB mass storage device class, which means that most modern operating systems do not need to install in the case of the driver to read and write flash drive. Flash drive inside the operating system on a block-style display logic unit, to hide the complex details of the required internal flash memory. Operating system can use any file system or block addressing mode. U can make a boot disk to boot the computer.

* The same with the other flash memory devices, flash drives read and write in the total number is also limited. In order to use the flash drive in normal conditions can be read and written hundreds of thousands of times, but when the flash drive becomes old, the write operation will be more time-consuming. When we use the flash drive to run the application or operating system, can not but consider this. Some application developers specifically for this feature and capacity constraints, written especially for the flash drive version of the operating system (eg Linux) or applications (eg Mozilla Firefox). They are usually done to optimize the use of space, and will scratch disk is stored in the computer's main memory, rather than flash drive.

* Many drives support write protection mechanism. This switch in the shell can prevent the computer from writing or modifying data on the disk. Write-protected to prevent computer virus files written to the flash drive to prevent the spread of the virus. Not write-protected flash drive function, then run into a variety of viral features such as automatic transmission.

* Flash drive compared to mechanical disk is more tolerant of external impact, but it is still possible because of severe physical damage and failure or loss of data. In assembling the computer, the wrong USB port connection may damage the flash drive circuit.

What are the advantages U disk

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